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How can I become a student for Basic PMU Training?

To become a student for our Basic PMU training you need to:

  • Make an account on our website.

  • Send request to join the basic PMU Training.

Our specialist will contact you within 24 hours.

How can I become a student for Advanced PMU Training?

To become a student for Advanced PMU training you need to:

  • Have previous basic PMU training and work experience with the machine, minimum 6 months.

  • Send us 6 photos of your work.

What Basic PMU Training includes?

Our Basic PMU Training starts with the online training. We will send you the first Training kit. It will include work book, PMU machine, latex for training, pigments for training. Also, we will give you access to our online training with the tutorials and the important information regarding permanent makeup. You will have to learn and practice all the time. It will prepare you for the practice part.

After the online training, we will have 6 days practice on real people, you will have to practice on up to 9 models, 3 models per zone. You will receive second PMU kit that will help you to start your PMU  business. After the class, you will receive certificates for every technique you learn.

Our basic PMU Training is specially designed for the right start in PMU industry. After the class, you will have enough knowledge and skills to perform every procedure we learn in the class.

Every student receives 6 months online support. You will be able to send us your work and ask any questions regarding any procedure.

What the Advanced PMU training includes?

Advance Pmu Training includes Three days of the intensive learning process of Advanced Stardust Techniques:

  • Soft Stardust Brows

  • Eyeshadow Eyeliner

  • Stardust Lips

In Three days you will upgrade your skills to a new level, It will help you to offer better quality services to your clients.

Do you offer After Class support?
After the class we offer 6 months online support, you will be able to ask any questions regarding technique you learn.
Does the Online training is enough to start doing PMU?

Online training is only a part of a big educational process in PMU. You can learn theory part online and get used to PMU machine doing specially developed exercises. Only hands-on training under PMU Master supervision can help you to be prepared to work on real people. Only online training is NOT ENOUGH to start going permanent makeup, even if you have previous tattoo experience.

How can I get Licence in my state?
It’s very important to start your career in the right way, every state has their own regulations regarding Licensing in Permanent Makeup Industry. Please follow the link in order to get information about your state regulations: ( Link ///) . Please let us know if you didn’t find your state. Our Help Desk operator will answer your request in 24 hours.
Do you offer Business Partnership options?

We are always interested in meeting new people who would have the same mindset and who can see Permanent Makeup Industry like something very important and life changing. We always looking to build a strong business partnership that will help you become more successful.

Please contact us for the details

How can I become a trainer at Kristi’s Luxury Permanent Makeup?

We always looking for talented PMU Technicians who would like to collaborate with Kristi’s PMU Academy. Our goal is to raise the PMU standards.

To become a PMU trainer you will need:

Have minimum 2 year PMU experience.

Pass online training designed for trainers.

Pass the practical exam.

Have a location that can fit minimum 2 people and 2 PMU beds. (optional)

Need to send us minimum 30 works made by a potential trainer.

Do you Offer Individual Advanced Training?
We offer super small group training, 2 people in the group. The dates are not listed on the website. Please contact us for more details.
What is included in your online training?
Online training is a part of the training process that will help you to save the time, money and it will help you to be prepared for the hands-on training. Online Training includes most of the theory part and the practice part that will help you to be prepared for the practice part. You will have exercises that need to be completed in order to pass the test after each section of the online training.
What is included in your training kit?

For our basic students, we have training kit and starter kit. Our Student on Basic PMU Training receives Basic Training kit before start online training.

It includes:

  • Workbook,

  • Fake latex skin

  • PMU machine

  • Access to online training.

How can I become a Host for Permanent Makeup Master Classes?
To become a host for our master classes please contact us by email.